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    Sales coach Keyuri Yagnik has been guiding sales engineers to lasting success her entire career. Learn her unique approach to helping SEs tap into their winning potential.


    Coaching Solutions Tailored to You and Your Team

    • Get actionable insights into how to improve your demo.

    • Work one-on-one with Keyuri to discover how to tap into your brilliance.

    • Learn from the challenges and triumphs of industry experts, guest speakers, and peers.

    Learn to Leverage Your Strengths

    Sales engineering requires a complex balance of technical prowess and emotional intelligence. It’s not enough to just be an expert on your product - you also have to help customers envision how your solution’s technical capabilities will meet their expressed and unexpressed needs.

    There’s no one right way to sell - but there is a way that it’s right for you. My goal isn’t to teach you my way of selling - it’s to help you uncover your unique strengths as a sales engineer, and leverage those to deliver consistent results.

    Get in touch if you’re ready to:

  • Make the most of discovery calls
  • Anticipate customer needs
  • Demo with confidence
  • Build lasting relationships with customers
  • Excel in your career
  • Add more value to your team and organization
  • Get the results you want
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    • Keyuri was instrumental in helping us create a more competitive demo. With her assistance, we created an organized, structured demo that flowed smoothly and looked professional. Not only did the changes Keyuri suggested make the demo more consumable for the audience, she gave our team confidence in the material they were presenting. After working with Keyuri, we had a stellar demo that emphasized the value of the product and not just its features.

      Swati Jain, VP/Managing Dir – Professional Services, cPrime
    • I had the pleasure of working with Keyuri at VersionOne, and witness her in action in roles managing the Sales Engineering Team and also leading Sales Enablement efforts. She always gave high quality effort and achieved great results. Her passionate representation of VersionOne and its corporate values really showed through in the high caliber training, mentoring and servant leadership she practiced. She is committed to continuous improvement in all she does, and raises the bar for an organization.

      Jim Patterson, Director, Sales and Business Dev,Wicresoft
    • I was lucky enough to work with Keyuri for almost 7 years. She is a true partner in every sense of the word. A collaborator that never looks to steal the spot light and ensures everyone participates and gains from the experience. She, more than anyone I know, is consistently looking to improve. With Keyuri, learning is never done. Things can always improve, efficiency can be found. She does not rest until we are getting the most out of a project, program, training, or team effort.

      Michael Funk, Sales Leader/Coach/Marketer OxBlue
    • My work with Keyuri was always enlightening. She brings laser focus when it comes to explaining the value of product features. That focus helped me, as a Product Manager, build an ecosystem story where there was once just dozens of integrations. Keyuri's ability to take the vague notion of "business value" and make it real will benefit any organization lucky enough to have her.

      Ian Buchanan,Principal Solutions Engineer, Atlassian
    • I am grateful to have Keyuri as a career coach. She is amazing at listening, understanding, and guiding through goals and career choices. With her help, I have been able to expand my horizon of what's possible in the future and the role I play in the world of Sales Engineering. She holds me accountable and is proactive in ensuring we are making progress towards our goals. Her experience in Sales, Sales Engineering and coaching has been very relevant and contributed tremendously to our discussions. I leave every session more excited about what's possible and how best to achieve it. I highly recommend Keyuri's services to SEs and SE leaders. She has been guiding sales engineers to success for several years. As a sales coach, she helps SEs discover their strengths, embrace their weaknesses, and ultimately - win more business. Whether you are looking for coaching for your team or if you want to take charge of your own destiny and invest in your career in 2018, check our her website or reach out directly: [email protected]

      Sachin Wadhawan, Technology Solutions Leader

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